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Mystery failing update!


Hey guys,

In the last week I've had an update marked as important that keeps failing when installed.

Does anyone know what this update is and if there's a way around this problem!?

Thank you!

Error code 800F0203 windows update fails

System hardware update - 14/05/13


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I had this problem , try unplugging everything attached to your sp including your micro sd card, than if any other updates are cued up uncheck them and run each one at a time. After I was done and it went thru than i did this, ((Try opening a command prompt window as an administrator and running

sfc /scannow (disclosure cut, copied from someone in another thread, but this is supposed to clear out issues left behind,)) i also read if your update did not go through than run this and retry the update with everything unplugged.


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I have noticed that as far as Windows Updates are concerned you must NEVER do a "Search for updates" before installing. Just set it to automatically install updates and ONLY install the ones they suggest when they suggest them.

In case you have Office on your computer you can still "Search for updates" on those but install ONLY the Office updates.


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I have been using this and it works like a champ there is a way to set it to auto update the Windows defender. Search for it. It has been a while since I set it up. I think it is as administrator. Windows Update Notifier Free Download. It will give you a notification when updates are available. Or letyou know after the defender ones are updated.


Hi Guys,

I have tried the sfc \scannow and there was no errors, tried removing everything including SD card and that didnt help. It just keeps failing when windows update is installing.

I thought to maybe run it in safemode but windows update doesnt seem to be available in safe mode?! Is there any way to install these updates manually? cheers


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I had an issue with the May firmware update as well but it was a different error code. I ended up having to restore windows to a previous checkpoint, then re-applying all updates. Good luck.


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Well..... I am sure looking forward to this forum getting little more active and spicing up a bit with todays 12 updates available. I wonder if any update will Fail...:shocked:


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I had 15 on my RT and all installed successfully including the Firmware Update. I had 17 on my Ultrabook and again all installed... :)