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Need help with connecting Lync 2013 to Office 365


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I have Lync installed on my surface, but it is not connecting to my Office 365 account. When I try to connect with my sign-in address, I get a message saying "We can't connect to the server. Please check your sign-in info." I'm not given the opportunity to change my password, or any other data. I connect successfully from my desktop running Lync 2013 on Windows 8. It works fine. But not on my surface. Any help would be appreciated.



I don't have Office 365 but I do use Lync on my Surface to connect to our corporate Lync server. Do you get as far as it asking for you to authenticate or is it not finding the server? It should find your server just based on the email address.


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Office 365 needs specific SIP DNS Settings to be exposed and configured, check with your IT Staff.


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What I ended up doing is uninstalling, then reinstalling. This allowed me to re-enter the username along with the login name, so I was good to go.
Thanks for the suggestions folks.
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