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New games and price drops


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Hey guys,
There are some new games out that looked kind of interesting. I haven't tried any of these yet. I usually only play games on the weekend, so if you've tried them post a review.
1.ZOMBIES!!! - This is an Xbox Live game that is based on a board game for $4.99.
2.Dragon's Blade - Looks like an snes Final Fantasy game. Free.
3.North & South - "retro" RTS set during the Civil War. $3.99.
I also noticed a few price drops, not sure if these are permanent or not.
1.4 Elements II SE - $1.49
2.ilomilo + - $4.99 was $6.99
3.Chimpact - $1.49 was $2.99
4.Reckless Racing Ult. - $3.99 was $6.99??
5.Rocket Riot - $2.99 was $4.99??


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Hey, I own ilomilo, it's freaking awesome! You DO need a controller to really enjoy it (the touch screen controls kind of stink). I didn't care for reckless racing, but some people love it, i would try the demo first. Thanks for the info on Zombies!(i'll be sure to check it out.)


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Zombies!!! was taken off the app store shortly after my initial post. I tried to d/l the demo and got a message saying that the game had been removed. It's still listed under the games app so I would guess it will be back up soon.


I picked up Reckless Racing after the price dropped, I like the game but then again I like racing games and it's much better if you have a controller setup. Also, new free Xbox game has released called Monster Candy, don't know if it's any good as I haven't played it but just letting everyone know.


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I owned North and South for my Amiga many years ago. Will definitely be buying it for my Surface, it was a great game!!!