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Hello everybody, new member here! I’m on day two with my new Surface 2 now.

I first got on the Windows Phone train about 18 months ago and got fond of the Live Tile interface so it went on from there. Current setup is:

-Nokia Lumia 920
-Lenovo Yoga 13
-Surface 2 + cyan Touch Cover

Still having a bit bad conscience about getting the Surface since I don’t really need it, but I just couldn’t resist when I found a good deal right after Christmas. Was a bit sceptical about the Touch Cover 1 but it actually works a lot better than expected. Might get a Type Cover at some point though.
Anyway, happy to be onboard and looking forward to browsing the forums for some interesting & useful information!
BTW... Anyone with experience of the Surface 2 vs Surface Pro 2 in terms of weight? Kinda thinking I should sell the Yoga laptop and return the Surface while I still can and just buy a Surface Pro 2 instead.

Really digging the 10" format and thinking I rather have one device than two. Just a little worried if the added weight with the pro version makes it too uncomfortable as a tablet.
Thanks guys. I actually returned the Surface 2 in order to get a Surface Pro 2 instead. :) Just waiting for them to show up in stock again.