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New member from UK.


Been a Surface RT 64 Version 1 user from last September. Bought mint second hand one by trading in my HTC Tablet and old smartphone at a CEX exchange shop.
This made the cost more easy to justify.
Now bought a new Surface Pro 64 from the Windows Store 4 weeks ago on the Easter deal. Its replaced my desktop 6 year old Acer.
Setup is Surface Pro connected to 7 way USB 3 connector with Samsung 2TB mini HD. Microsoft 500 Keyboard and Mouse. Surface network adaptor.
Display 24inch AOC. all working perfect no fan noise.
Keeping my RT which is now cased in a new Incipio rubber case to carry about.:cool2:


Hi Bazzer, I too live in the UK, I had a Surface RT then bought Surface Pro original, I now have both and my Surface Pro has replaced my desktop, the Surface RT is when I am in bed as I don't keep good health, though on occasion the Surface Pro is brought through to my bedroom too, I have never enjoyed a product so much and have been a PC user since Windows 3.1. Jim