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Newbie questions. Need help!


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I just upgraded from my Surface RT, which for three years has served me well, to the Surface 3. (64G model). After four days, I’m loving it, but have some initial newbie questions.

1) The RAM usage is consistently at 40-70% of the 2G. Is this normal?

2) When I share (Charm Bar) a web page or other via email, it does not reach my gmail or aol accounts, but shows up on my Outlook account (Lumia 825), with a message as follows:

Delivery Status Notification (Failure)
This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.
Delivery to the following recipient failed.

Is there something that I need to do?

3) I have yet to purchase the Surface pen. Is this the only way to right on the Surface? And if I buy it, other than using it on writing and painting apps, can I use it to draw or annotate on a PDF document or PowerPoint slide being shown on the Surface?

4) What is the Privacy Light?

Looking forward to prompt replies. The trial period clock is ticking.



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Hmmm... I haven't experienced any issues with my RAM spiking. What are you doing when that happens?

Regarding the email issue when you share, do you have those accounts added to the email app?

AFAIK, the pen is the only way got write on the tablet. I find it to be quite useful.

The privacy light? I've never even heard of this before. When do you encounter that?


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I'm not necessarily doing anything. It is constantly high, even when idle. I'm sending screen shots of Task Manager/Processes.

My aol, gmail, and live accounts are added. Since Share uses the live account, I opened the live.com email settings. There is a red message saying that "there's a problem with a server's security certificate. The address in the certificate does not match the server's address." I wonder if this has something to do with it. I will temporarily click "ignore certificate errors" to see what happens.

Thanks. I will buy pen.

The "Front Privacy Light" is between the front camera and microphone. (refer to p1 in the User Manual) It flickers briefly when you start and shutdown.



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You're RAM usage is normal.

On my 4GB I use around 28-30%, which is consistent with your values. On my Pro 3 8GB of RAM, I was around 12-15%, which is also consistent. No worries. You can fine tune the RAM usage by disabling useless services (type ¨services.msc in the Run command prompt).

For the sharing thing, I don't know because mine is turned off.¨Sorry about that.

For the pen, yes: buy the MS one. The best one by far. You can use it for pretty much everything (from a mouse substitute to a regular pen).

For the privacy light, for the moment it's just a light that tells you when the camera is turned on. We'll see what it becomes in Win10.


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Thanks so much RemiM. I feel most assured. Now I hope to be able to solve the sharing issue.

Many blessings.

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