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newline on this forums editor with the surface


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Might seek like a stupid question but I cannot seem to get a newline in the editor on this forum on my surface.


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Still playing around but I have newlines working here if I changed the Forum Skin to the Default Mobile Skin.
Unfortunately the skin doesn't completely display properly and the forum is not as nice looking as the Surface V1 skin that is the default.

Not sure if there is any other setting that could be effecting it outside of the forum skin.


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I found if you write your reply in Word and then do a copy and paste it works....but I only do that if I'm replying with something more complex...


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Just seems like something is off in the forum setup, since the Surface V1 skin doesn't recognize the newline from the enter key. Just doesn't do anything, but if I switch to the mobile skin the enter key moves to a new line. Hopefully they can address it, whisk will make it easier to post more complicated things.


What would also be nice is if the button that you click to go to most recent message was a little bigger to click without having to zoom in.


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Very true. I scroll down to the latest post since I don't fine it worth the effort to zoom in to hit the "Latest Post" icon. Would be nice if it was bigger and easier to hit with touch.


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At the bottom right corner of the page my Posting Permissions say 'HTML code is Off'. That may have something to do with it. Anyone know how to activate HTML code?


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I believe that html being on would just allow html code in a post. I don't think it would change when a enter key is recognized.


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You can also just click the thread then there is a large button at the top to view first unread instead of trying for the little target.

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