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Nikon Tethering to Surfacebook


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This works beautifully!

Set Up:
Nikon D800 w/ 24-70mm 2.8ED
USB-A to Micro-B SuperSpeed USB 3.0
Surface book i7/256SSD/8GBRAM/dGPU
The Speed that it provides to my Semi Medium Format Camera using RAW/NEF files.
images in less than 1.5 sec transfer 50 to 80MB files, BEAST!!

Two Links to In studio shoot photo's with the Surface book:



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Nice. I haven't tethered to my Surface but I did tether once in the past and I got caught out as I didn't realise that Nikon's don't also record to the card. I had a problem with the connection to the PC and lost about 5 shots (family photoshoot) before I realised. I believe that Canon's do also write to the card as well as send the data to the PC. So if you weren't already aware of that something to take note of.

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