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One little thing missing


I've had my Surface Book since Oct 26th and I'm loving it but...
One little thing I'd like to see is an add on cover for those times I'm wandering around the house and yard with just the fully detached tablet. All I'm talking about is just a thin, light, flat cover that would attach where the keyboard hinges attach, fold back flat or over the top of the screen when I put the tablet down for a while or if I'm carrying it (I often use my iPad with it's cover on as a tray to carry a coffee, kindle, phone and other items when I'm moving from place to place). The Surface Book screen is beautiful and I wouldn't mind an extra few seconds to attach/reattach a 'dumb' cover for that little extra bit of protection.
Hopefully someone in the aftermarket will get a bright idea and start selling something along those lines... anyone else agree?


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Use a MacBook sleeve?

I agree an attachable cover would be nice, even better if it folded up into a stand. I'm still a bit bummed that they didn't build a kickstand into the Clipboard.