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OneNote 2013 Handwriting Recognition...I was told to go here by Microsoft Support


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From Microsoft Phone support: Microsoft does not offer phone support for the handwriting recognition engine under OneNote 2013, since that is part of the Surface product.

I am supposed to go to this forum for help.

I am using OneNote 2013 with a (non-surface) Windows 7 notebook PC.
I am using 3rd party Captrux Digital Pen to import handwritten notes as digital ink into OneNote (this works great!)

The "Convert Ink to Text" performance seems poor, and from research I have done, it appears that I can "train" the engine through the Tablet PC input panel.

The problem is that since I am not using a tablet, but rather a digital pen, I do not have any way of getting the ink into the Tablet PC input panel.

So my question is: how do I train the handwriting engine?
Number one, this isn't the Official Microsoft Support Forum, this is a 3rd party enthusiast forum. You should look here for Surface: Surface - Microsoft Community or here for Office OneNote 2013: Office - Microsoft Community

With that said, it appears Handwriting Training has been removed in Windows 8. It was previously located in the TIP but that has been replaced by the new Input Panel. Is this a Pro or RT device? If it is Pro I would recommend switching to the built in support.
Jeff, thanks. Odd, that MS helpline would tell me to go to this site.

3rd party pen support says that "We use the Microsoft reco engine with Capturx for OneNote." Thus they can't do anything to help...

And I can't figure how to "personalize handwriting recognition" without a tablet.
:p Yeah, Jeff, OP is using--

NOT Surface product, not even a tablet
Windows 7
OneNote 2013
3rd party digital-pen-paper product (similar to Livescribe)

This is definitely the wrong forum on all fronts, so I don't know why MS support pointed here (did they supply an actual link? Then they need to stop that).

If the 3rd party vendor can't help, OP, you'd probably have more luck specifically at the official MS OneNote 2013 support site, making sure you specify Windows 7. There are a bunch of different variables here, though, so it may not be possible. The only other recommendation relevant to this particular website would be "buy a Windows 8 tablet with active digitizer and install OneNote 2013." Obviously you may not want to do that.

Edit to add:

And OneNote 2013 is NOT a Surface-only product. Even Office RT isn't a Surface-only product. What??
Thanks, you certainly understand the reason for my frustration with the technical support. MS specifically told me "handwriting recognition is a surface product, we can't support it over the phone, but go to www.surfaceforums.net and search there to get your question answered.

I had already done searches before calling, so of course I was dubious, and aditionally, this was after repeating back and forth my OneNote product key five times, so the overall experience wasn't optimal.

Anyway, I was hoping someone here may:

1. be able to confirm that the tablet PC input panel and OneNote 2013 use the same handwriting recognition engine...thus by "personalizing" the input panel, I would also be able to personalize OneNote.

2. Since I don't have a tablet PC, and since "writing" with the mouse will not be nearly the same as writing with a pen, perhaps there is a way to transfer the "training ink" files from my pen to the pc and then have the pc "train" on those files.