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OneNote, SP3 Pen and Windows 10


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Hi, does Windows 10 let you select what version of OneNote opens when you click the SP3 pen button? I tried the preview version back in June and it wouldn't open OneNote 2013. (Which is what I prefer to use.)


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Nope I can't work it out! Upgraded to 10 but the pen click does not open 2013 no matter how I set the defaults.


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The setting to change this is found in the "Surface" app, however it doesn't work for me either. I uninstalled office 2016 and reinstalled 2013 to see if that changed anything, but despite telling Surface app to open the desktop version, it still opens MUI


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I ran into the single-click-not-working-issue. I downloaded the surface app, and did a couple toggle-the-purple-button-setting + restart the computer. I went back and forth between the desktop and modern version. After the 2nd restart, the single click to open the modern version started working again.


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I have problems with my buttons on the side of the pen.
In OneNote they don't work anymore. It is a habit for me to push the most bottom button to erase something I wrote incorrect. But, it won't work now after my windows 10 update. Do you also experience the same problem?



You're not the only one folks. Same issue here, funny how when you get used to something...then it's different, it'll drive you mad.
I jumped back to 8.1 yesterday...simply too many things not polished enough for me.

Regarding this specific issue, I did chat with support online, they went through the steps, remove, reinstall, driver, etc.,
Asked if I changed the "Watch" battery, I told him less then 24 hours prior, everything worked perfect.
He said he could send me a new pen, which...I was ok with, but this was a W10 issue, not a pen or battery issue.

I got the top button to open the Metro OneNote. Double click screen shot to MON. The bottom button worked for eraser in MON.
The only button that worked for me in OneNote 2013 was the right click (middle button).
If ON was the only issues I experienced, I could easy stay with W10. But that was just the tip of the iceberg for me...

I'd bet in the next 2 weeks many of these issues get resolved. It is my opinion MS is working on polishing/refining W10 on the SP3 for a SP4 release.
I'm a little disappointed it's not more refined for their flagship device.


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I just went through an 'Interesting' week.
I was back in the States on vacation and my SP3 kept locking up. When I got back to Malaysia and tried to use it, I couldn't because it was so unstable. After a few days I got it to start and got Win-10 loaded... it's much more stable now.

But... the Pen / OneNote issue is really bothersome - especially since need to mark-up controls drawings using the pen into ON. I then email direct out of OneNote from my 'Modifications' notebook. Works great.
What I'm doing now is opening OneNote 13; and then using the "Send-to-OneNote" little applet. Erase and Right-Click buttons seem to work OK for me. The top purple button doesn't work right, but the side buttons do... for me.