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People crave Windows 8 tablets at work more than iPads


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Sigh... another crap article.


No, this sample size was 9,766 "information workers."

Oh you mean people who might actually know something about technology and corporate productivity?

In my own dreamy mind, I hope that their reasoning was predominantly emotional, as this would signify that Microsoft is finally learning to tap right-brain juices, rather than the pedantic, plodding rational side.

Ok, thanks for telling us you are an Apple fan with many more words.

With the advent of the Surface Pro, one imagines that, if this research is accurate, there might be a clamoring for the Surface range.
This would be a clamoring that has yet to take place, as some say only 900,000 Surface tablets shipped in the last quarter of 2012.
This research reflected these small beginnings, as only 2 percent of respondents said they owned a Windows 8 tablet.

Um yeah dude, that is because the Surface Pro isn't even on sale yet! The Surface RT was only available for 2/3 of a quarter and through limited retail outlets. I'm sure that has nothing do do with it though.

I think most people would trust a site like CNET for the straight scoop too. It is a shame :(
It was pretty ridiculous. Some guy disagrees with a study that says Windows Tabs would be more accepted in an IT workplace and that people want them because they are new and shiny. I could say the exact same thing about the people wanting an iPad. In fact, the loyal followers of crapple products prove it to us every time Apple brings out a new iDevice, just because it is new and it is shiny, completely ignoring that 6 months previous they had purchased the rev released before.

All these apparent "tech" articles are what is killing any competition to the ipad, not the devices themselves.