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Play DVD images on your Surface?


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I have a lot of DVD images on my Media Center, and I thought it would be fun to try to play some of those DVD's on my Surface Pro. I don't have a DVD drive but I would be able to mount the ISO under Windows 8, so any player that could play a ripped DVD would work. I am not too thrilled with VLC and I don't want a monster like the Arcsoft player. So does anyone have any suggestions for nice lean software player to fill this void?


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I installed DVDFAB. It works great! Small program although you do have to install .Net Framework 3.0 before you install DVDFAB which puts a fair amount of code on your system. Actually, you will probably need .Net Framework for some other program anyway, so it's not too bad a deal. DVDFAB will play a DVD in a USB DVD player, it will play a DVD ISO, and it will play a ripped DVD from a file folder. Good picture, good sound, small program. Thanks Mlknes
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