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Play MPG/MPEG Files on Surface 2 without any audio & video issues


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Last Updated: Dec. 11, 2013

MPEG stands for Moving Picture Experts Group. This group specializes in the development of video and audio encoding standards. When you have come into possession of a file with an .MPG or .MPEG extension, you usually have either MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 video. MPEG-1 video is used on VideoCD (VCD) discs and MPEG-2 video is used on Super VideoCD (SVCD) and DVD discs. Both MPEG1 or MPEG2 format can have the file extension of .MPG or .MPEG . .MPG and .MPEG is pretty much the same container that data, such as Video and Audio, the actual MPEG1 video format is generally lower quality than MPEG2.

MPG/MPEG is not a Surface 2-compatible format. If you have a lot of MPG/MPEG files and want to watch them on your Surface 2 RT/Pro, you’ll want to convert MPG/MPEG to Surface 2 friend format using a third-party software tool.

Why MPEG/MPG won’t play on Surface 2
The reason you cannot play MPG/MPEG video on Surface 2 is simple; the player built in Surface 2 cannot find a suitable decoder for the file. So you will meet kinds of errors when you playing them on Surface 2.

Read more: Which file types are supported on Surface 2, Surface Pro 2, Surface RT/Pro?

This article presents how to accomplish the MPG/MPEG conversion task using such a tool. With it, I’ll bet you can easily enjoy your wonderful MPG/MPEG digital content on Surface 2 with the original audio and video quality.

For Windows users, you can download the Surface 2 Video Converter for Win, while for Mac users, Video Converter for Mac is their choice.

The MPG/MPEG to Surface 2 conversion process is very simple. There is an optimized preset you can directly select as the output format. When the conversion is over, you can sync the output file to Surface 2. The following is the detailed steps on the basis of Window platform. For Mac users, you can also refer to this guide because the operation procedures are highly similar.

Step 1. Run the MPG/MPEG to Surface 2 Converter and load your source MPG/MPEG files into it.

After you launch this app, you need to load your MPG/MPEG files. To do this, you can click “+” icon to import your source files, or click “File -> Add Video/Audio or Add from folder”.


Step 2. Set output format and customize output settings.
If you want to select the optimized preset for Surface 2, you can click the format icon in the “Output Format” pane, open the drop-down format list, and then go to “Format -> Windows > Microsoft Surface 2 Windows RT H.264 Video (*.mp4)” to use it.


Meanwhile, you may press “Settings” and change the audio/video parameters. The task info shows estimated sizes of each file. Generally the lower bitrate you use, the smaller the output video is, and the less space it takes.

Step 3. Start to convert MPG/MPEG to Surface 2 RT/Pro.

Hit “Convert” to convert MPG/MPEG files to Microsoft Surface 2. When the conversion is over, an “Open” option will be available. You can directly hit it to find the output files. And then, you can transfer the output files to Surface 2.

Hope this article is really useful for you to watch MPG/MPEG videos on Surface 2.

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Remove DRM from iTunes M4V and Sync iTunes library to Surface RT and Pro

This article will show you how to get music, movies or TV-shows purchased from iTunes to Microsoft Surface RT for smoothly playing.

Q: I just bought a new Surface tablet and I am wondering if I could play music files I purchased on iTunes on my Surface RT? I have searched around the internet but I haven't got a specific answer to this question. Besides, the movies and TV-shows I have purchased on iTunes will be playable on my Surface RT?

A: Before answering your question, keep in mind that the Windows RT based Surface tablet can not play any iTunes purchases with Apple Digital Rights Management (FairPlay DRM). However, all iTunes songs (at least in the US) will be DRM-free in steps since April 7, 2009. From my experience, if the song isn't copy protected it should play. For the little copyrighted iTunes songs, in .m4p format, you can upgrade these songs to DRM-free files for US$0.30/song or use DRM removal software to strip DRM from them free of charge.

For iTunes videos, if they are video podcasts from iTunes, you can play them on your Surface RT without any problem. But if they are Movies, TV-shows or Music videos which you purchased directly through iTunes store, they are all with DRM protection. DRM can not stop you transferring iTunes video purchases to Surface RT, but the videos will say "this file is not supported" or "this video can't be played" when you play these iTunes movies/TV shows on the Surface RT tablet.


In order to play iTunes video files on Microsoft Surface RT, you have to remove DRM from iTunes movies and convert iTunes M4V files to Surface RT compatible video formats(MP4 with H.264 video codec is highly recommended). To get the work done, a DRM Removal software is needed. If you're looking for ease-to-use, just check out Pavtube's ChewTune, which is an intuitive and stable DRM converter to help you remove DRM protection from iTunes, Amazon, Zune, BBC iPlayer, Napster, Blockbuster, etc. and convert videos to all popular video formats like MP4, MOV, MKV, WMV, AVI, FLV, etc. for playing and sharing anywhere you like. Meanwhile the playback of the converted videos is as decent as possible as original. The equivalent Mac version is the ChewTune Mac, which can convert and transfer iTunes movies to Surface RT on Mac OS X. Free download the right version and enjoy your iTunes M4V movies on Microsoft Surface RT without any hassle!

Download iTunes to Surface RT Converter:

Convert, Transfer and Play iTunes movies on Surface RT

The quick start guide below uses ChewTune Windows screenshots. The way to encoding iTunes M4V to Surface on Mac is almost the same. Just make sure you get the right version according to your computer operating system.

Step 1: Add iTunes movies to the software. Launch the DRM converter and click "Add Video" "Add Folder" to load the iTunes video files to the program for converting. You can also simply drag and drop media files to the source pane to add. Batch conversion is supported so that you can add multiple files.


Step 2: Choose the output video format and output folder. Click "Format" bar and move mouse to "Windows" column, you can easily find the profile of "Microsoft Surface Windows RT H.264 Video (*.mp4)". The output videos could fit on Surface RT or Pro perfectly.


If you like, you can click "Settings" to change the video encoder, resolution, frame rate, etc. as you wish. For watching videos on the Windows RT based Surface Tablet, 720p with 1500~2500kbps is just all right. I found that bitrate higher results in big file size, and lower visible quality loss.

Step 3: After above steps, just click "Convert" to start removing iTunes DRM protection and converting iTunes M4V to Microsoft Surface RT MP4 videos.

Once the process completes, download and transfer the DRM-free iTunes videos to your Surface RT Tablet via USB cable. Then you are free to enjoy and watch iTunes movies on Microsoft Surface RT as you like.

And yes, this workaround works with Windows 8 as well, of course. Click here to get known the basic tips for watching movies on Microsoft Surface RT.

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To save your money, you can view Pavtube special offer column:

ByteCopy($42) + Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate($65) = Only $80, Save $27
ByteCopy for Mac($42) + iMedia Converter for Mac($65) = Only $80, Save $27
ChewTune ($29) + Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate($65) = Only $75, Save $19
ChewTune for Mac($29) + iMedia Converter for Mac($65) = Only $75, Save $19
ChewTune($29) + ByteCopy($42) = Only $54, Save $17
ChewTune for Mac($29) + ByteCopy for Mac($42) = Only $54, Save $17
ByteCopy($42) + Video Converter($35) = Only $60, Save $17
DVD to Windows 8.1- How to Rip and Convert DVD to Surface Pro 2

In this tutorial, you can get a brief guide which shows you an easy way to load movies from DVD discs and onto your Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablet for playback with ease. The Surface Pro 2 really is identical to the original Pro; it thinner or lighter, as far as we could tell. This Windows 8.1 Tablet remains impressively responsive when opening, closing, and switching between apps and its new 1080p display (the same as in the Surface 2) looks fantastic.


However, just like other tablet PCs, the Surface Pro 2 tablet doesn't have a DVD-ROM for playing DVD movies. To get your favorite DVD movies into Surface Pro 2 for amusement, you need to convert DVD to Surface Pro 2 supported video format first and then transfer the result videos to the Windows 8.1 tablet.

This tutorial is about how to convert DVD to Surface Pro 2 highly compatible video format easily and fast so that you can watch DVD movies on Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Tablet with best HD video quality.

To accomplish this goal, a professional powerful ripping program will help you a lot. Pavtube DVD to Surface Pro 2 Converter is such a tool with the easiest workflow to help you rip off DVD disc/ISO/folder protection, then convert the decrypted movie to MP4 format with best video settings for Surface Pro 2. Get DVD to Surface Pro 2 Converter for Mac here; well support Mac Mavericks!

How to convert DVD movies to Microsoft Surface Pro 2 on Windows 8.1?

Step 1. After the installtion of the 30% off Surface DVD Ripper, Click the "Load DVD" button to choose and import DVD movies from your computer's DVD-ROM.


Step 2. Click "Format" bar, follow "Windows > Microsoft Surface Windows RT/Pro H.264 Video (*.mp4)". The output videos fits Surface Pro 2 tablet just right.


You can also click "Settings" to manually change the video encoder, resolution, frame rate, etc. as you wish. (Optional)

1. If you want to convert blu-ray/dvd to 3D videos or transcode Blu-ray/DVD to MP4 with multiple audio and subtitle tracks, try PavtubeByteCopy and ByteCopy for Mac.

2. If you are Surface 2 users, learn how to move DVD movies to Surface 2 for enjoying.

Step 3. When all is OK, click "Start" to rip DVD for Surface Pro 2. After the ripping, you can click "Open" to locate the converted MP4 video files and just transfer them to your Windows 8.1 Surface Pro 2 for watching anywhere!

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