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Potential limited connectivity fix! Plus some other Perks


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Hey Guys,

I was having the limited connectivity issue every ten minutes. I finally installed both of these updated drivers and It hasn't dropped yet while watching a movie on netflix nor when I downloaded a 1GB file from the internet as well.

I believe the Marvell chip is on the USB bus so this may explain something. I'm not 100% if this will help, but on the plus side, you get nice new drivers. The intel chipset drivers updated two intel USB devices and an intel ambient light sensor. FYI, these drivers are newer than the ones you'll find on Intel's website. I believe they are beta drivers or something..idk The intel graphics drivers also enable OpenCL which is pretty sweet...





I am not sure if it helped yet. I'll describe my problem. I have gotten the limited connectivity thing but what I was getting a lot recently was the situation where I would wake up from sleep, the connection showed up properly but websites wouldn't load. I took to using the troubleshooting and that would get it kickstarted before the troubleshooter even finished.

Now, the drivers, the graphic driver told me that I already had a newer version but then I tried to install again an it went through. Beware, it installs a lot of crap. You may not want to use the installer. It puts a utility on the tray and some other things on startup that I know weren't there before I installed that. Later, windows update showed that I had an update and it appeared to be a hardware update that I had done on the 12th, so newer driver may have installed.

I haven't used the troubleshooter in a day but I need more time to be sure if it actually helped.

Updated to say that nah, doesn't work. I woke up to limited connectivity again.
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Yeah I got it again as well. But it doesn't do it nearly as much. Probably just a fluke though.FYI that extra software is just the Intel settings panel that isn't included with the stock drivers.