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Power Brick Voltage - SP4 & SB


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The Power Brick for the SP4 Core M Output is 15V @ 1.6A

The SP3 Brick Output is 12v.

I'm wondering what the Output of the other Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book power bricks are.
I believe the i5 & i7 SP4 would be the same.
The Book without dGPU likely the same as SP4 i5/i7
The Book with dGPU I know has a higher wattage so something will be different on this.

If you have one of the following please post the Output Voltage and Amps from your Brick. (I know it can be tough to read I had to use extra lighting and a magnifying glass ;) )
SP4 i5
SP4 i7
SB without dGPU
SB with dGPU


i owned the Book for a few hours and didnt care for it and went and returned it for SP4 but i wanted to add that i used my SP3 power adapter to charge it since it was plugged in and handy with no issue and i had the i5 256GB Book.

i am on my SP4 now watching streaming on my SP3 that is using the SP4 power plug and as i was unpacking the rest of the Book stuff like the adapter i charged my SP3 with the Book charger.

so i can verify that they all worked with the other.

also my SP4 i5 says 12v @ 2.58a and my i5 256GB SP3 says the same thing