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Preorder through Microsoft or buy at Bestbuy


I live in Mississippi and there aren't any Microsoft stores nearby.

I talked to Microsoft customer service to ask what the deal would be regarding the preorder of the Surface 3. Would the Surface 3 be delivered May 5th or ship May 5th. They told me it ships May 5th. Also there is no option for paying extra for expedited delivery so expect 3 to 5 Business days from May 5th for delivery.

I checked Best Buy, I can pre-order through Best Buy and pickup in store on May 5th! My question is this... should I preorder through Microsoft (I get a student discount) or try to talk Best Buy into honoring Microsofts student discount and either pre-order through Best Buy for in store pickup on May 5th or just wait for it to come out and hope that there are some available in store on May 5th.

I can also get one of those 10% coupons from the post office to use at Best Buy if they wouldn't honor the student discount. What do you think?
I place an order on-line with Microsoft using the student discount. I went into Best Buy and pulled up the page that shows the pricing and they honored it. You could probably do the same thing and not need to place the order. The whole reason why I did it that way was the same reason and a Microsoft store is not that far but I just did not feel like driving the hour to go get it when I can get it just up the street.


Was going to test out the Surface 3 at Best Buy today, but it wouldn't even turn on even though it was plugged into the charger. I held the power button down for 10 seconds and nothing lol.


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You might want to out the tax differential on Best Buy vs Microsoft store. I got the %10 discount from MS, but the tax was only around 5.6%. Where as the Best Buy site was charging in the range of 9.6%!
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Was going to test out the Surface 3 at Best Buy today, but it wouldn't even turn on even though it was plugged into the charger. I held the power button down for 10 seconds and nothing lol.
Not uncommon if the device was dead many devices need to charge for a while before you can turn them on... even iPads, and other iDevices ... it takes a couple minutes before it even makes the charger attached sound and displays the Red Dead battery symbol. LOL indeed.


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PayPal ad the Microsodt Online store not playing nice...

I would advise at this time, that if you are planning to purchase through the Microsoft store don't do it via Paypal.

I have always loved Pyapal, I just think that the two are currently not working well together.

I ordered a Surface 3 on 4/11 and Paypal had a hard time dealing with the transaction for some reason. I even received a computer-menu phone call 4/12) asking me to verify the purchase which i did and received a computer voice acknowledging that the seller was then authorized for the purchase. On 4/13 I received an email from Microsoft saying that there was a problem.

I contacted Microsoft and cancelled the order through PayPal and put it on my Visa (bank debit). I was assured that the previous PayPal order would NOT go through. Eventually, both my Microsoft account and Paypal showed that that transaction was cancelled by the seller.

Well, yesterday I got two confirmations for shipping a Surface 3. One for the visa order and one for the Paypal order! When I went to my Paypal acount there was a new charge placed on May 1!!!

I am sure that this will work itself out but it is a pain! It looks like Microsoft could not stop the progress of either Surfaces, both seem to be in the hands of UPS at this time awaiting shipping!


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It would be nice if MS would just makes sure the Paypal order was reversed and let me keep the second one for it is THIER error. I know many good companies would credit the account with just my word that I would return the second wanted product, but maybe not one worth $599....but we are talking about one of the most wealthiest companies in the known universe aren't we?

I feel confident that my bank account is onna take this hit....of course this happens when funds are low never when there is planty of reserves.