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Problem with Font Size on SP2017


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I recently purchased the latest Surface Pro, and are a bit challenged with the font size on both the device and peripheral screens. The scale is sat to 200% on the device, and 100% for extra screens.
Usually all the text is the right size, but on occations that I have not been able to find any triggers for some text will be ridiculously small, and other texts will be very large.
The files illustrate the problem, 1 shows a plugin to Outlook that suddenly is unreadble, while the meny for OneDrive is way to large (snippet from the extended screen running 1920x1080), the second one shows that the hover information is also very large while still the font in Chrome is normal. The third one shows the "save as" menu, this takes up the entire external screen.

Has anyone come across this issue before and have a solution? I work in sales, and use the device in presentations etc. So far this has caused me one major inconvenience when suddenly the font in our SW product (thin client running in browser) was to small to read.




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I've had the same problem with my SP3 with both Win 8.1 and 10. It's totally frustrating. And when I get the fonts big enough to read in all applications, some of the menus get too large to use - their buttons are off the screen!

The is no solution as far as I know. Perhaps when millennials turn 65, they'll start trying to fix it...
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