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Put and play MKV movies on Asus Vivo Tab RT tablet


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Users who just received their Asus VivoTab RT, have kinds of questions about this tablet. Like what are the best Apps for Windows 8 tablet, best media player for Asus VivoTab RT, how to get the cloud storage… Asus VivoTab RT is really a good stuff, which offering Full Windows 8 experience with resonable price. As far as i know, it’s one of the cheapest Windows 8 tablets on the market. Despite the low-price, Asus has packed in a number of high-end components.

Maybe you are just looking for the best media player. So as to play kinds of video files on VivoTab RT. However, according to my own experience, there is no player can handle all MKV videos in a right way. A variety of issues will turn out. Such as no audio, no video or the audio and video are not synchronized. It’s necessary to find an avaliable solution to play MKV movies on Asus VivoTab RT. Pavtube Video converter can do a favor for you. Since MKV can’t be supported well, we just need to convert MKV to a format that Asus VivoTab RT playable well. H.264 mp4 is the most suitable one.

Now, i will use this MKV to VivoTab RT converter to show you how to transcode MKV to mp4 for VivoTab RT.

Step 1. Free download and install.

VivoTab RT video converter for windows/VivoTab RT video converter for mac


Step 2. Run it. Import MKV video files into this program. 1080p or 720p MKV videos all can be handled well.

Step 3. Select h.264 mp4 as output.


Step 4. Click “Settings” to adjust the video quality in order to fit VivoTab RT display. You may refer to the image.


When everything is what you want, click the convert button to start converting 1080p 720p MKV movies for VivoTab RT. Good news for you, now this video conversion software equipped with Streaming Server, which can help you easily streaming any audio and video files from your PC to Android, Windows and iOS devices.

After transferred the converted mp4 video file to the win8 tablet, you can watch 1080p 720p MKV videos on VivoTab RT anywhere anytime. Hope my article is also helpful to you.

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