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Question about Start-up Programs


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Just noticed that although I have disabled a number of programs in my Task Manager / Startup, they are running in my Task Manager / Processes even though I have not used their associated applications.

One example would be "Adobe Acrobat Update Service". This is disabled in Startup but is running nonetheless.

So what is launching these disabled Startup processes and eating up my memory (albeit not much, but they shouldn't be there at all)?
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As a follow-up to this question, here is a very nice article on how to close Modern UI apps. As far as I can tell, MS doesn't do much to actually explain this to us - it's up to us to magically discover it on our own. Anyway, here it is, hope it helps.

How to Close Windows 8 Modern (Metro) Apps
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Also, look in Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services. If you see Adobe Acrobat Update Service or others you don't want, right-click and go to properties. Change the startup type to manual or disabled and stop the service.