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Quicken/DropBox sync?


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Please bear with me...

Right now I'm running Quicken on my Windows laptop and have the Quicken data file being saved to a DropBox folder to keep it synced with a desktop for use when I'm home. I've since ditched the desktop, but still have my Quicken data on Dropbox.

My wife wants to get a Surface Pro in lieu of a laptop. One of the things she wants to be able to do is access the Quicken account to track finances, etc. when I'm out of town on business.

My questions are (not knowing anything about the Surface, Windows RT, and its file structure), will I be able to install Quicken on a Surface Pro? Does it work effectively? Will I be able to use my DropBox file data on the Surface Pro to keep Quicken synced between my laptop and my wife's Surface?



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If your wife is purchasing a Surface Pro device it will work exactly like your other Window Laptops and Desktops, it is a laptop in Tablet form factor. If it is the original Surface RT or Surface 2 you would need to use the Dropbox Modern Store App and if your Quicken supports it use the webapp version.