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Recovery Enviorment not found


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I went to do a full reinstall of windows using the built in recovery options in charms but it cant seem to find the recovery environment. I had some trouble with my surface and did a restore last time and it worked fine, but this time things are not going so well. I got into the CMD and used DISKPART to take a look at the partitions on DISK 0. I still have all of my partitions.

Partition 1 Recovery 600MB
Partition 2 System 200MB
Partition 3 Reserved 128 MB
Partition 4 Primary 109GB
Partition 5 Recovery 8000MB

What i think has happen is the recovery partition number changed. I sure the data is still in the recovery partition, I just dont know how to fix this. Anyone got some ideas?

After some more poking around, i read the recovery partition needs to have a drive letter?
so i did DISKPART to list the VOLUME on Disk 0

Volume 0 C Windows
Volume 1 Windows RE
Volume 2 System
volume 3 Recovery image

The only Volume that has a letter is 0 which is C. The main windows installation.
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