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Remote to Surface 2 from another computer


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I will cut to the chase - I am trying to find a method to remote to a Surface 2 from another computer. My dad is trying to connect to his tablet in a classroom session so his students can view the tablet using the classroom's projector. The only method I was able to get working from a home testing session was Windows Remote Assistance. Unfortunately this didn't work on the college's network for some reason, I'm guessing firewall issues.

Other things I tried:

  • TeamViewer - not supported on RT 8.1
  • LogMeIn - not supported on RT 8.1
  • Remote Desktop - not supported on RT 8.1 (can remote from but not to the Surface 2)
  • WebEx - not supported on RT 8.1

Can someone provide me a solution that will allow me to remote to the Surface 2 from another computer?


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Windows RT isn't designed for this scenario, as it is a client only. Does your Dad's Uni use Microsoft Lync for Enterprise Messaging?


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The OP is starting a thread on this forum to get an answer. Why are you directing him to start another thread on the MS boards? I appreciate your eagerness to reply to every open thread with this same response, but that does nothing to help the OP.

If you have an answer to his request then reply to it, but to give the same generic reply serves no value. This is a forum just like the MS boards. The OP is well aware of his/her options.

Seeing you post this same response 50 times over is starting come off as useless Spam as I navigate these threads to read people's replies.

is it possible to remote INTO a surface running windows rt? - Microsoft Community

Basically you're never going to get full remote control of an RT device...

Although it wouldn't hurt to start another thread on the official MS boards about the exact situation, see if anyone has workarounds. Otherwise a Windows Pro device may be the only way.