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RT APP recommendation


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I allways love these threats for Apps on Android etc.
Rules are simple, post the 5 Apps u love most on Windows RT and explain what they do/ why others should use them, too.
Maybe don't Post things like Office RT or Skype which are too obvious;)
If the App ur recommend costs money please write the price next to it.

1. Flux: Googel Reader App, works fine, integrates with modern UI changable color set
2. Cature-Live: Records Audio and video and syncs it with ur notes, great for lectures etc. (be carefull what u record, delete function will be available soon)
3. Good Plan: THe best Timetable App in the STore in my opinion, lets u create Lectrues and add actions which are shown in a Live Tile
4. Latermark: Pocket (formerly Read it Later) App, u can read Pocket and u can save new stuff through share option
5. Multimedia 8: App for watching Movies/ listening to audio, simple converter, looks better than normal Movies App

I contacted almost every developer of the above Apps to ask questions, request features or report Bugs and all of them answerd within one day and where super friendly.
And all of the apps are free.