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[Rumor] Windows 8 Misses Sales Expectations, but Nokia Lumia 920 Exceeds Them


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This post isn't directly Surface related, but it still affects Microsoft and Windows 8, so it is worth sharing. Here's a "good news/bad news" report to share, and it is just rumor for now. First, here's the good news: Apparently the new Windows 8 Mobile flagship phone, the Nokia Lumia 920 is flying off store-shelves. The phone's sell rate has been higher than expected. Now, here's the bad news: Sadly, Windows 8 sales have been a bit lower than expected. Of course, this is probably not surprising, because most of the tech industry is slowly switching gears as it retools for tablets and future tech gadgets to eventually replace the traditional PC. PC sales have been steadily declining ever since the first tablets and smartphones started coming to market.

Microsoft is not too thrilled about these numbers and are trying to shift the blame to their OEM partners for making unexciting products. Although, this sounds like the typical finer-pointing and responsibility-shifting you might see in instances like this, Microsoft actually does have a valid point. It's been several years since any of the PC OEMs, like Dell, HP and Lenovo have really launched any intriguing PC designs. The industry has grown mostly stagnant. In fact, it took three years before the PC industry realized that Apple was correct to start making thinner and lighter laptops like the Macbook Pro. Now, we are moving rapidly toward the age of mobile computing, and the traditional "box-style" PC is slowly creeping toward obsolescence.

Initially, this industry transition will be tough for Microsoft and the PC manufacturers, but if they can whether the storm and retool, there is still a huge market out there to compete in.

We will keep you guys informed of actual sales figures once they are released.

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Well the 4 million upgrades to windows 8 in the first three days were way better than what I was expecting. Microsoft shouldn't be blaming anybody on hardware because they know that Dell, Hewlett Packard are dying, just take a look at their stock prices in the past year. The shift is towards TABLETS. As for the windows phone, I hope that its flying off the shelves and they didn't just make a limited amount like they did with the surface. And there already reports that the phone (both Nokia Lumia and HTC)have problems. I hope that reception towards the surface which is apparently "fantastic" overrides the "modest" distribution, because the surface is a great piece of hardware.


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I have been bringing my Surface to work, and everybody, everybody was fascinated with it. It was the same reaction I got when I bought the first iPad; people genuinely want to get their hands on it and unravel its mysteries.

When was the last time that happened in the PC world? Microsoft needs to figure some way to get the average consumer to just look at the Surface in person, and it'll sell. The pop-up stores will really help, especially over the holidays, but maybe it's time to get them into the Best Buys, etc., and have the Surface side by side with other Windows tablets when they arrive. The OEMs may not be too thrilled, but really, what can they do? They could switch to Android, but there have been about 100 failed tablets in that arena.

Considering the way companies like Dell and HP are drowning, how could it hurt them to have their products displayed alongside such a great piece of hardware? Maybe people will look at the Surface RT (or Pro when it's released) and decide on a laptop. As things stand right now, the Surface would serve as a needed draw for the other manufacturers.

Microsoft has a compelling device here, and it would be a shame to not "get it out there" and show that Windows RT/8 is a compelling OS.


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Maybe the limited production is also responsible for the limited distribution. Since they aren't making many they only have enough for the MS store shelves. If the Surface is successful enough to increase production I would think you would see them at more third party locations. Of course how it becomes more successful without being in the additional locations is sort of a chicken and egg problem.


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The reports I have read state the Surface is the leading single device for Windows 8/RT by numbers, and HP has the must Windows 8 devices but through multiple SKUs....