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Screen Resolution for Games


I have been playing a few Blizzard Games on my SP4 (Diablo 3 and Star Craft 2 mainly). Just wondering if you guys had found a sweet spot for the resolution? 1440x900 seems pretty good for D3 with only minor black bars but I cant seem to find a resolution I am happy with for SC2. Maybe I am being picky or is there a setting somewhere I am missing? I doubt the designers were taking 3:2 aspect into account when they wrote these titles....


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I've found that 16:10 resolutions work really well with just the tiny black bars as you mention. For more stable framerates over 30 fps, I tend to go with 1280x800 (even for Diablo 3). For really old games, I might even use the full native resolution if it's supported, such as Freedom Force which runs really well.

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