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Sending files from iMac to Surface Pro 4 over network


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I just purchased the SP4 and am loving it so far.
I have connected my computers to each other over my network: iMac, pc and the Surface Pro 4 (SP4).
In my SP4, after right clicking on my folders in Windows 10 and sharing the folders, I can now reach into my iMac through the network and pull files into the SP4. Unfortunately I can't send it files from the iMac.

I can open the SP4 HD from my iMac Finder window, see and open the files in it, but I can't grab a file in my iMac and copy it into the SP4 hd. I've missed a switch or setting, either in OSX or Windows 10, that allows me to write into the SP4 but I can't figure out/remember what it is.

Any advice?