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Should we have a 'Commerce' Section?


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After seeing the flood of threads from dvdcatalyst today, and earlier ads from PavTube BluRay Ripper, perhaps the powers that be would consider having a section of the forum dedicated to these kind of ads.

I like them. I think it's important for folks to know that if they own a DVD or BluRay, they can rip it and watch it on their Surface. Lots of people don't know that. So, it's useful information.

However, I wonder whether the threads are properly integrated into the other forum comments, which are from 'civilians.'

I'd support a section dedicated to these useful, yet commercial posts.



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Ah, I see. Thanks.


Because, when all of us scan 'Active Topics,' every thread lists the forum the topic is posted to. 'Microsoft Surface Pro,' 'Microsoft Surface General Discussion.' etc, etc.

Except these.

These get a pass. Instead of being listed as 'Supporting Vendors,' their threads are listed by their names.

So, your response should have read: "That's why they're posted in the 'Vendor' forum, but since they pay us money, we don't reveal the fact that they're a vendor until you click on it."

Fair enough.
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Each supporting vendor has their own sub forum in the supporting vendor section. What you see as the forum under active topics is the name of the sub forum not the user name but sometimes they happen to be the same ;)