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Shutting down via the power button.


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I was reading the manual of the surface pro 2, and I noticed it said that you can shut down the tablet by holding the power button for two seconds and swiping down . When I tried this, the tablet just instantly goes into sleep mode. Does anyone else experience this?
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I meant the power button, but made a mistake in the thread title. Does it shut down when you hold it for 4 seconds and swipe down the screen?


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It only works on the Surface RT or Surface 2 as it is a function of Connected Standby which the 3rd/4th Gen Core CPUs on the Pro 1 or Pro 2 do not support.


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I just went through my manual, and I noticed 2 things:
1- It doesn't mention this
2- I have read that the manual of the Surface Pro 2 does mention the new power connector of the Surface 2 that ended up not coming to the Pro 2. It talked about them. I think Paul Thurrott mentioned it in one of his early posts of the Surface Pro 2.

I think they made a revision to the manual to correct these mistakes.