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Sleeve + case combo?


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I am looking at the Brenthaven Collins Plus for my Pro3. But, I have an Incipio Feather Advance ultra thin snap on case on it. Does anyone have this combo and know if it will fit comfortably while in the case? I do want to leave it in the case while in the sleeve. I can't find the internal dimensions of this sleeve...

Or, anyone know of a sleeve it would fit in while in this case? I of course want it safely padded since I do not have a type cover over the screen. I also want some place to put the pen where there's no chance of it rubbing on the device and scratching it.

Thank you!


I have the Maroo Synthetic Leather/Wool Folio.

  • I can safely say that it fits a SP3 with or without a type-cover
  • It has a hard side to protect the screen if going without a type-cover
  • I find it weighs a lot for a sleeve
  • There is a pocket for the pen. I did find that it is not full length so there is risk that it will rub against the side of the device; however remote and dependent on how you are transporting it
  • I like the closing flap as it is magnetic


i have the maroo leather folio case. Its pretty good and very high quality. However, u cannot use the sp3 built in stand on the maroo and cannot assess the microSD port unless u take the sp3 out from the folio case. Pretty tight fit with Mime Ghost Glass too.

I just received my trident case cyclops and its very tight fit with my Mime Ghost Glass but it allows u to use the sp3 built in stand and microSD port is accessible at all times.


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This is what I use.