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Slow WiFi


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I've had this problem since 8.0 so it's not an 8.1 problem. I waited until now to see if 8.1 would fix it. My problem is that every device on my home network gets download speeds in 24-26Mbps range but the Surface Pro caps out at 2-3Mbps. On my work network with a USB Ethernet adapter I reach the network's 5Mbps cap. Any idea why this may be happening?


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Yes, it appears to be related to Bluetooth or the USB 3 controller. If you turn off Bluetooth, speeds become much better. I had the same problem, turned off Bluetooth and WIFI jumped from 2-3 MBs to 10-12 MBs on 2.4G.


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I could certainly be in error but my personal observations seem to point that the chip is more optimized for the 5Mhz band. Yes, I know that this band is inherently faster, But my speeds in this band are consistently stable around 50 Mbs and are not significantly affected by the Bluetooth issue. On the 2.4 band, which I never use unless I have to, it is erratic in speed; but that could be due also to the volume usage of traffic on all the channels. Does anyone else have a similar experience?


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Have to admit my Surface Pro has been damn slow on the internet since upgrading to 8.1
but my speeds still show the same as before. So I guess this isn't the same as what's happening to you guys?