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some crazy prices for games/apps!!


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so I was browsing the MS App Store today and I clicked on "sort by highest price" in the games section and the results that came back startled me! like for instance this one game called Justin Bieber for $9.99 and all it is, is a puzzle game and you have to spot the differences in each pictures! THAT'S IT! And the guy wants $9.99 for this? REALLY?!! I wouldn't pay .99 cents! what is he thinking?!! also some other apps came at a surprising $999!!! $999 for a an APP called project CC (Crisis Control) in productivity section... for that amount it better get me out of a nuclear bomb crisis!!! (oops feds are watching me now!) that's just insane! there is other apps at crazy prices too just can't name then ALL! lol....crap the upload isn't working here now I gotta use my imageshack! ungh!


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I like the description especially... 'Exciting arcade game' yes quite. If I could throw darts at my Surface without damaging it, it might have been worth it.