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Someone Enlighten Me About Video Formats


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I'm no stranger in converting DVDs to digital formats. I've done it for years. However, what is you're prefered format to use?

For me, when I always convert a DVD to digital, I use Catalyst DVD and I select DIVX, which I think is usually an AVI file. With the greatness of Catalyst, I can select a certain device and it would format it for that specific device.

I ask which format you prefer because I see people here and other places saying I want MKV support, which MKV is something I just started hearing in the past year. Not sure how long MKV has been available. So why do you prefer one format over the other. To me, when I download a video file or convert one from DVD to digital, I always select DIVX because it usually works on all the devices I own and not have to worry if it doesnt.