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Sometimes On Screen Keyboard Doesn't Pop Up


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Anyone have an issue with the on screen keyboard not popping up?

This has happened a few times now to me, some times it has been in a web browser and the most recent was last night when I was in the app store, I wanted to search for an app, but when the search tab opened and the cursor appeared my on screen keyboard wouldn't pop up..


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re: Sometimes On Screen Keyboard Doesn't Pop Up

I have experienced this as well.
If you attach and detach the touch keyboard while the surface is on, it usually Works Again. In the end i did a refresh of the surface and it have worked with now issues since (3 days ago).

If its just sometimes you see it, you can bring it to the screen by swiping in from the right, choose settings and then keyboard
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I have a similar problem with the on-screen keyboard and this forum. The keyboard pops up but quickly vanishes. It's possibly a setting that I've failed to set, but since I mostly use the physical keyboard, I haven't pursued it. If one of you wizards have a fix, I'd appreciate the help.


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Regarding this forum and the keyboard, that is an issue with this forum. It can be corrected by changing your settings for this site to what you see is what you get and has been discussed (you will lose the ability to insert carriage returns with this option). Alternatively you can use the multi-touch technique to make the keyboard stay up (also discussed in another thread). With other sites it is hard to say if it is the site or the Surface.


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re: Sometimes On Screen Keyboard Doesn't Pop Up

I already posted the fix on this with a video. Look for it.
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The easy solution is to turn compatibility mode on for this forum. View the site in Desktop IE and turn compatibility mode on, then close that IE and switch back to metro IE.

Does anyone else find it ironic that surface forums doesn't work with the surface keyboard without a workaround? Wpcentral's forums work fine.