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SP2 email problem


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Hello I got my SP2 now for 5 months but i had problem in my email app and facebook after awake from sleep most of the time my email dose not update for new message also my facebook dose not update post i tried to restart apps but no response and my wifi connection is fine as i tried wed browsing it wok fine so i try to restart sp2 and it works is there is any solution thanks


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I have the same problem with the mail app. It doesn't receive e-mails fast enough. Like the e-mail is there on my Android phoneand it takes a good 15 minutes for it to show up in my app, unless I force a sync. And yes, my settings are set to push.


I've found it wildly inconsistent, sometimes it takes a few minutes to update, sometimes it is near-instant. I just use Outlook 2013 or a browser instead.

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