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SP2 and USB memory stick problem


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Got my SP2 yesterday and I’m loving it. However there is one small problem. When ever I connect an USB memory stick I get a message saying that the device is not working. On any other windows pc the device is working just fine. The USB port is working fine when plugging in an USB mouse. Same the same problem with two different USB memory sticks. Any suggestions what to try? Thank you.


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with some usb devices windows 8 will run through a driver install and this seems to take a while depending on the device. make sure its finished installing the device drivers. Aside from a poor connection to the board, I cant think of any other reason a standard usb drive would not be detected.


Win8.1 is designed to power down some USB disk drives, but it also sometimes powers down sticks too. Does it immediately say it is not working, or does it take several minutes?


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After I removed the device in settings and plugged it in again it Works as expected. Strange but I'm happy it's working. Thank you all for your input and sugestions :)