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SP3 annoyance 1: lost pen click (pen down event) after system wakeup


Again and again I witness the most annoying effect that after waking up my SP3 from sleep the pen can not trigger clicks any more!
The SP3 still reacts to the pen in these situations, i.e. the cursor follows the pen, the system reacts to the side buttons (selection and equivalent of right click) and the end-button (screen shots) but the touching of the screen and hence a simple click is not recognized or triggered any more.
This prevents the drawing, triggering of actions (menu or button clicks), scrolling, etc. The pen essentially becomes useless when that happens (which is maybe every 3rd or 4th time I wake up the system from sleep).
Touch and touch clicks or clicks with a real mouse or clicks on the touchpad work fine in such situations. Its really only the pen that doesn't signal pen down events any more.

Is this a known bug? Any clue or fix? Can one somehow reset or restart the pen driver? So far only a reboot of the system helps to bring back full pen functionality which starts to get really tedious :-(