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SP3, Edge, External Projector


Twice now I have been in the middle of a presentation with my SP3 when I have experienced an odd crash. I am connected to a video projector and having the projected image be the same as my SP3 desktop image. I will launch Edge and it will crash. After a few seconds my desktop will be back to normal, but the externally projected image will be of the crashed Edge display. My system runs fine at this point, except that my external video continues to show the crashed image until I reboot.

The first time this happened I thought it an odd anomaly. It has now happened twice in exactly the same way.

Oddly, I use Camtasia to capture audio and video of my presentation. Even though Camtasia is recording my desktop, after the crash, it too only records the video of the crashed Edge. Audio recording is unaffected, and I can see my mouse cursor moving across the screen, but the image I am seeing on my desktop is not recorded.

It's a very odd situation, and I have no idea how to resolve this other than to not use Edge. Any ideas?


I had been running 8.4.2, but upon checking that this morning I have upgraded to 8.6 (the latest version).

My video driver is the Intel driver for HD Graphics 5000, version, dated 7/17/2015. I have not manually managed this driver at all.

As an aside, in light of the work I do, I capture and process approximately 5 hours of Camtasia video daily. The only issue I've had at all on my SP3 after upgrading to Windows 10 is the aforementioned Edge problem.

Thanks for any ideas that can be suggested.


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My Intel GMA is the 4400, I'm running the Intel Ref August Driver (used for custom refresh rate on my 4K), I've been using Camtasia 8.6 without issue for captures. Usually crashes like this are video card driver issues. Try IE or Firefox for the capture.