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SP4 Intel Graphics drivers - no updates in over a year?


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The latest version of the Intel Iris 540 graphics drivers for the SP4 seem to be dated 3/9/2017 - over a year ago as of this posting. There are lots of bugs that I believe have been fixed by later versions, but I can't seem to find where MS has updated their official driver package with anything later than this old version. I know I can install the unsigned driver from Intel directly, but I would like the officially supported driver updated. Anyone know what's going on with this?



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Yeah that's something I really don't get with windows updates. I just installed the new April 2018 update and it installed the graphics driver from a year ago over my updated driver I had before the update :D

What you need to do is download the GPU driver directly from intel (just google it). Download the .zip version and unpack to desktop. Then open up device manager, find your graphics card, go to properties and update driver manually. Say you have the file on your computer and then click on "choose from list" and then "disk". Find the "graphics" folder in your downloaded driver and let it install.

You'll find better tutorials online too ;) and the most recent graphics driver is from 25th of April 2018 (I have the intel 515 graphics). So it's not that intel doesn't have new drivers it's just that Microsoft doesn't seem to implement them in their updates...


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When I tried to install drivers from Intel manually, I received an error along the lines of the device was not supported.


Actually, the latest updates from patch Tuesday just pushed an update to the Intel GPU on my SP4.


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