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SP7 temp


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I got my SP7 yesterday and have been setting up access to various accounts. No games, videos, etc. The back of the tablet is very warm, uncomfortable so… both in tablet mode or when cover/keyboard is attached. I've read complaints about fan noise but I do not hear a fan at all. I my experience normal or is this an issue?


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Which processor, core i5 or core i7?
When you first have Windows setting itself up it does a lot of things in the background and it takes a day or 2 to settle down. Still if you have the i7 the fan should be running and heard.


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Yeah that's normal for the setup process. Its probably downloading/applying updates in the background and you are constantly doing things on top of that. So all components produce a lot of heat in that situation.
I have the i5 version and for me it only gets warm when I do graphic intensive stuff like gaming. Never uncomfortable though so far. To me it's mindblowing how efficient and powerful these passively cooled 10nm CPUs are... as a guy that grew up in the 90ies with the initial x86 cpus I could geek about it all day :D
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