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Steam in Home Streaming


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Hi all,

Noticed yesterday that Steam now includes the in-home streaming feature that has been a beta for a while, so decided to give it a try. For those who've not seen it, it allows you to stream a game from one PC to another, that way a more powerful PC is actually running the game and then streaming it to a less powerful PC. This way I can play games on my Surface that I normally couldn't as it is not powerful enough.

My set up is:

Main (more graphically capable) PC upstairs in the office running Steam.
Surface Pro 2 connected to my TV downstairs running Steam in big picture mode, controlled using XB360 controller.
Virgin Superhub 2 router, both PC's using 5Ghz.

So far, the results have been tremendous! There is no lag at all, it is almost like the games are actually installed and running from the SP2. It's really cool as it allows me to play much more graphically intense games on the Surface than I normally could. Combined with the controller and TV, it is fantastic as I can enjoy high level PC gaming in the living room without needing a loud, big clunky PC next to the TV.

I suggest everyone give it a try!
wow that sounds like a lot of fun! wish they had that for the S2 then I would be in heaven! lol
How beefy is the main system? Also, this is probably obvious, but I take it this only works for games installed through steam?
How are you getting it to work? I constantly get "slow network" and major stuttering, whether or not I'm on Wifi or on wired.

Edit: oops. SP2. I have an SP3.
but I take it this only works for games installed through steam?
Not Anymore :) you can add any Game / .exe File on the Harddisk do your Steam Library and start Streaming.

You can see the spikes and Lag? thats over WiFI+Powerline adapter, 20mbits and droping to 5-8mbits every now and then ^^ and still fullHD.

I have a fake EDID profile on my home computer with FullHD Monitor, so when the Monitor is turned off i can switch to 2160x1440 Resolution and play games in SP3 Native Resolution.
Using a 5ghz Netzwork that really can put trough stable 40mbits i'm playing on quality prefered with 35-45ms Lag and 30Mbits videostream :)
But the 3:2 aspect ratio kinda sucks for most RPGs :(