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Storage Maxed Out

Andy G

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I have a friend who has a SPro3 64GB. He added a SD 64GB card to give him more storage but Windows is constantly doing updates and totally wiped out all his storage. He uses the surface for business and deletes his spreadsheets at the end of each day. He can't even print because of the lack of memory. He doesn't have anything else on it like photos or songs which would impact on the memory. Any suggestions how to fix this problem?


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Run Disk Cleanup.


Check items in the list to clean.
Click Clean up system files.


Check Windows Update Cleanup
Check Previous Windows Installations
Look over the list for other large items to select for cleanup.
Click OK.

Replace the 64 GB micro SD with a larger 128 or 256GB micro SD. Get a USB flash drive and copy the Micro SD content to it, replace the micro SD, copy the content to the new micro SD. OR use a USB micro SD reader to make the transfer.

See write up: How to clean up system files with the Windows 10 Disk Cleanup tool

Andy G

New Member
Thank you for your comprehensive response Greyfox7. It is much appreciated. l'll pass your suggestions onto my friend and will let you know how he gets on. Thanks once again.


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With a large amount of Windows Update files it can take a long time to process, be sure to plug in and run it when you have a lot of time. I think it took about an hour to do the 7.4GB with 5.37 GB of update files. There was also 1.x GB of Windows Old files (not shown).

It might help to do more than one run. i.e. Maybe just do non-system files first, then do the Previous Windows Installations and other System files, and do Windows Update files in a separate run by itself.

Alternatively if he has no personal files on this thing, just do a Clean Install and start fresh.
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