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Strange SP2 Full charge Capacity... checked by pwercfg


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Since I failed to install Dec 2013 update, My sp2 works only for around 3 hours.
100% charge and count says 2 hour XXmin left. And 100% for more than 2 Hr...

Now I found reason why... Not the sollution

This is the powercfg screen capture right after (volume +key with power button) boot
Check Full Charge Capacity

battery report3.jpg

This is the next charging captrue

battery report2.jpg

Everytime I restart Full charge capacity is chaging....

It seems 40,404mWh is normal charging cpacity.
but most of time Full charge capacity is set to 20,000 ~ 30,000

Is this Firmware problem? or defect SP2...
I am tired to ask MS supprt they know nothing about serious thing.


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    battery report1.jpg
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Post 841 on this thread, top of page 86 has a possible solution you might like to try:


I had a tech help me yesterday to reset my battery. My battery life seems to be better.
No guarantees but worth a try:

Make sure to Plug your surface in-must be running on ac power

Open device manager and locate batteries

Click on Microsoft ACPI-compliant control method battery

Right click and select uninstall

restart the surface

This is supposed to mimic installation of a new battery to the surface firmware


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This is the powercfg screen capture right after (volume +key with power button)
Hard reset resets everything, and not always to a good value. Stop using it unless you really have to, or do it when the battery is fully charged.