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Stylus Crosshairs


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Is there is a way to modify or even turn off the crosshairs that appear when the stylus comes near or touches the screen. I'm used to this but many of my clients who sign contracts on my SP2 are a bit confused by it. Has anyone found a way to modify the settings?


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It is a bit irritating. The point of the pin doesn't seem to be at the exact spot the cross hairs are. I would rather not see the cross hairs so I'm going to try what jnjroach suggested.


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I've reviewed the Mouse Pointer Control Options and don't see an option to modify this pointer setting. There's one item called "Precision Select" which looks like the same icon but when I change it to something else the stylus cursor doesn't change. Any other thoughts?


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It exists under Hardware and Sound>Device and Printer>Mouse, and there is a tab to change pointer icons for different situations. With that being said, I don't think there is a way to completely suppress the crosshair icon. However, you can change the size of it so it's less distracting.

Can I ask what program you're using to get signatures using the stylus? I checked with my default PDF app and the icon is almost a pin dot.