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Stylus stuck in ink mode in Word; cannot select text


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Help! I'm on deadline, my desktop computer is down (of course) and my Surface is misbehaving big time. I wish I could use more precise language, but here goes. Only in Word does this happe: I cannot use the stylus to select (and therefore move, paste, etc.) text. It is as if it is stuck in ink mode. When I touch the screen with the stylus, it only responds in ink. I went into Draw tab, to reset it, but nothing happens. I have a huge assignment due tonight and am starting to panic. I'm an editor and need to be able to select, cut, and paste text. Anyone know what's going on?

Thanks in advance for your help,


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Sounds like you are using an Insider's Build of Office, this is a bug in the last two builds or a direction change. Turn on Touch Mode and you can use your fingers, or use an external mouse.