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Suface Newbie!


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To all the Surface Guru,

Newbie here! I found $400 for new Surface Pro 3 (i3) online.


Is SP 3 (i3) good enough? I'm just doing web surfing, watch movie and YouTube, MS office words and excel, will use charting program for my currency trading. Or I need SP 3 i5 128gig model for what I do? or wait for SF Pro 4 to come out?

Pro 3 (i5 128gif) is $680, I thought they are good deal.


Last questions, Is SP 3 (i3) more powerful then SP 3 Atom chip? Thanks!

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Welcome to the forum

There is no SP3 with an Atom chip, it's the S3 and yes your i3 is going to be faster.

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