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Surface 3 and Surface Mini (More Rumors)


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Microsoft are rumored to be getting ready to launch a new Microsoft Surface 3 tablet, the company also has another device to launch at the same time, a smaller Microsoft Surface Mini tablet. The company was expected to launch the Surface Mini earlier in the year, but they apparently changed their plans at the last minute, and now it looks like we may get to see this smaller Windows tablet from Microsoft. According to TK TechNews, Microsoft will launch the new Surface Mini and Surface 3 tablets before the holidays, and supply of the smaller Surface Mini will apparently be limited at launch.

Microsoft launched a 12.6 inch version of their Surface Pro 3 tablet earlier in the year, the Microsoft Surface 3 tablet is expected to come with a 10.6 inch display. The Microsoft Surface Mini tablet is rumored to come with either a 7 or 8 inch display, as yet we do not have any details on what other specifications this smaller Windows tablet will come with.

As soon as we get some more details on the new Microsoft Surface 3 and Microsoft Surface Mini tablet, including some photos of both devices, a launch date and some pricing, we will let you guys know.



I really hope the Surface Mini is true. Also wouldnt mind if it was loaded with WinRT. No need for full Windows on a tablet that's sub-10", at least for me it doesnt.


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All that from a tweet. With the amount of information coming out about this device Microsoft must have a new patent in the works. MS LeakStop - plugs up all those anonymous sources who were unauthorized to speak :D


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I wouldn't hold my breath for 4G. Microsoft has stated that the ease/availability of tethering has pretty much made 4G an economical non-starter.


After using my Icon to tether the Surface to I think that adding cellular to a Surface is a waste of money. The phone continues to work fine while I use it to connect to the web.


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I see no need for a Surface Mini. I have the Dell Venue 8 Pro 32 gb (with Windows 8.1), which is basically a Surface Mini. What is impressive about my Dell is just how fast it is. I find it to be faster than my Surface RT (32 gb) online. Dell has also improved the stylus. Recommended. Oh, and the price was $199 from Office Depot. Top that, Microsoft.