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Surface Pro 2 4gb or 8gb for gaming?


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May I ask anyone if for gaming, is there any major different between 4gb and 8gb ram?

I wish Microsoft can offer 128GB model with 8gb ram but they don't.
The 256gb model with 8gb is too much ($300 more compare to 128gb 4gb ram model).

If the increased 8gb ram model won't benefit the gaming fps, I will buy 128gb model then.

Thanks for the advise.


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You're spamming the wrong forum, by the way. There's a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 subforum now. :p

As for FPS, it's always been my understanding that the CPU+GPU are the actual bottlenecks there. RAM would help overall system performance, but not really that specific aspect.


More memory. On a desktop gaming system the dedicated graphics card will have it's own memory for loading textures and such. The surface pro will allocate system memory for this task so more memory means higher graphic settings in your game.