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Surface Pro 2 last revision


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I like the form factor of the Pro2 and mine was recently stolen, so all I have left are the carry case and power type cover. I need the tablet, Power supply and Stylus.

My needs are basic and a 64GB is fine, (currently using a 32GB Miix + 64GB SD card) but I would really like the 4th gen CPU. No way in this world will I be buying from an auction site, so please do not suggest that. This forum may be risky enough, but I am hoping there are honorable people here. From the general comments, it seems to be so.

Wotcha got?
How much yawant?
No no haggling. Please just supply a fair first and only price.
Payment by Cashier's check on major bank or direct bank transfer, your choice.

Shipping would be to USA Mainland via USPS as we live out in the boonies and UPS/FedEx et al call me to come pick stuff up as they don't have 4WD delivery trucks. That is an 80-mile round trip to their depot, but USPS will hold the stuff at the PO Box until we get into town to clear it, usually once a month. Country living has it's interesting sides.



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Take a look at amazon.com. If there is an issue with a third party vendor they will back you 100%. I bought 2 of my Surfaces thru Amazon used and no problems...


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Thanks for the suggestions, but right now I have two items bought from Amazon's warehouse as "Used but Good" and "Amazon class-B" sticker s, both repackaged ready to go back. Both have intermittent faults that obviously did not show up in a 2-minute "Test." :)

So far on used stuff from Amazon, I am batting 4-good, 3-duds. Time to quit that folly. I was hoping the people here selling would have had the thing for a long time and know it is not faulty. No guarantees, I know, but better than a 2-minute test.

Msoft are all out of new Pro 2 stock, regardless of GB-size. Maybe they will see that as an indication to make some more. I tried an ASUS M80TA 8" and liked it, but the stylus was not what I had hoped for. The dot as you approached the screen was off to the lower right by about 1/8" and totally useless. A pity, as the 8" size would have suited me even better than another Pro. But that ASUS lesson has taught me that ya gets what ya pays for.