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Surface Pro 2 UK Student discount reduction?


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I was wondering if I should hold out on buying an original Surface Pro on student discount at £439 from the Microsoft UK online store. As when Microsoft releases the Surface Pro 3 later this year, am I correct in saying that the Surface Pro 2 would take the original Surface Pro 1's place in the student discount offer, starting at £439. Or would it take quite a long time to come down to that price, and if so should I just go ahead and buy the Surface Pro 1 now?
Thank you.
It took few months for the price to come down this low. You should expect the same next time around. It also depends on how much stock of the SP2 they will have. SP2 seems to be selling better than the SP1.
Thanks for the reply, are there any real major advantages with the new pro 2 compared with the original to make it worthwhile waiting?
Biggest difference is battery life. How much do you need? Would carrying around the charger be terrible? etc. Otherwise, another difference is the kickstand angle, but you can get around Pro 1 kickstand limitations with a case.
I think given that the only real differences apart from the minor performance improvement, is the battery life of between 4 and 5 hours which I can put up with, and the kickstand. Then I might as well just go ahead and by the original surface pro then.
Thanks for helping me decide.
Go for it... you can spend all your life waiting for the right deal at the right time. Technology changes too quickly, there never is a right time!